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Eastern Europe Mission Conference Zagreb

** Dates and location

Conference begins on 29th of July and ends on 31st of July.

Location of the conference will be in
Hotel Panorama Zagreb, 
Trg Krešimira Ćosića 9


** Registration

Registration link on google forms

-          Fill in the form

-          Submit it

-          Change it later if needed

-          Registration fee is 30 €
-    Preteens and Teens 10 €
We will provide restaurant for group lunch that you need to pay by yourself, you can still check "lunch" in registration form and we will get you a place in that restaurant.

Registration should be paid by the time you come to Zagreb, best is to collect it in your local Church and wire it at ones to save costs

** Accommodation

You can organize it with disciples in Zagreb church if you know some or on provided links in hostels by yourself.  Accomodation with disciples is possible only if you are registered.

- Our brother Renato rents lovely apartments at suitable prices: email renatoapartmanizagreb@gmail.com, phone +385 95 817 6955

-          http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/croatia/zagreb/

Here are some of the hostels that are walking distance from Panorama
Hostel 54 recommended 
Hostel Moving  - recommended  
The Cherry hostel 
Fancy hostel

-          https://www.airbnb.com/s/Zagreb--Croatia?s_tag=nXqKiZw-

Hotel Panorama - reservation form
Single bed room - 65 €
Double bed room - 75 €
Triple bed room - 105 €

** Preteen and teen activities (aca Camp)

We will provide preteen and teen activities in the time of the conference. It will be day activity which means they have a program from 10 AM to 5 PM and than are back with you for dinner and sleep.

It will be run by Hope Youth Corp team that will be serving it Zagreb at same time.

Please bring your preteens and teens regardless of language issues, children often know more that they admit and more often find way of communication faster that adults.

For them it will be unforgettable experience!!

** General info

-          Moving in Zagreb is mainly by trams

Tram ticket 10kn (1.3€) and once used it is valid for 1.5 hours to travel

Prices of different items:
- Coffee - 1,2 €
- Coke - 1,6 €
- Burger (ff) - 3,4 €
- Pizza - 6 €


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